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Darktan was head of the Trap Disposal Squad in Maurice's multi-species band of extortionists. He was the closest thing the rats have to a military leader and ran the squad like a special ops team. He is also one of the only rats to wear any kind of clothes in the form of tool belts he kept his trap disposal equipment in.

He was once a very down-to-disc, one-problem-at-a-time kind of rat. However, after a near-death experience in the jaws of an old trap he starts to think of things as part of a grand scheme. This incident also led to a considerable increase in his prestige, as the one who faced down the Bone Rat. He now wears the scars of that trap round his entire body, which only lends him a greater mystique, especially to impressionable young rats like Nourishing.

Became the de facto leader after the death of Hamnpork, and was instrumental in the peace accord signed by the rats and the townsfolk of Bad Blintz which led to the new life that the rats enjoyed in the tourist trap it became.