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Hamnpork was an old male rat nearly 3 years old who was leader of The Clan. He disapproved of Maurice and his ideas - in fact, he was the only one of the Clan who resented their new-found intelligence, as he found it unratlike. He just knew there was a leadership challenge coming, probably from Darktan, but was getting very mixed signals about Dangerous Beans. He seemed to be the spiritual leader of the Clan, but was clearly a weak and useless rat. What gave? Hamnpork just couldn't figure it out.

Preferred skulking in the shadows to lighting candles. Had never been frightened of anything until the Change. Afterwards he vaguely understood that there are things out there - things he couldn't see, only imagine. This frightened him.

He was caught in a trap by two evil ratcatchers and was sent to the Rat-baiting contests. He met his end after a heroic fight with a terrier in a rat run. He was saved by Peaches, Darktan and Malicia Grim But he still fell ill and died. Leadership did then pass to Darktan, but now Hamnpork accepted it, and even passed on the ultimate words of wisdom every rat leader needed. These included what to do with the squishy green wobbly bit.