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Dee, a dwarf of power and influence, served as the Jar'akh'haga or 'the Ideas Taster', to the Low King. Dee served as an important personal advisor for the Low King Rhys Rhysson, and had done so for his predecessor and yet he allowed himself to become a pawn of the Werewolves in their plan to steal the Scone of Stone.

Dee was bitter that the old ways of Dwarf society were changing, especially thanks to the Ankh-Morpork Dwarves and their new ideas about female dress. He felt that if a hard-liner such as Albrecht Albrechtson became the new Low King it would help keep the Dwarfish race 'in the dark', not seeing that the werewolves hoped his actions would lead to civil war among the dwarves, allowing them to stage a coup and take power in Überwald.

Using his position Dee was able to enter the cave where the Scone was kept and shatter it, spreading the fragments across the floor. This would then allow the werewolves to display their fake scone and claim that the Dwarves' scone had been stolen. Dee also tried to frame Vimes for the attempted assassination of the Low King and then have him 'shot while attempting to escape'. He was foiled in his scheme mainly by Vimes, but also by Albrecht Albrechtson who, when presented with the fake scone, declared it to be "the thing and the whole of the thing." *

Forced by the Low King to place his hands upon the Scone, and reminded that because it holds a grain of truth it would glow red hot if a lie were told, Dee confessed his crimes. He tearfully admitted he had done it all because of Cheery Littlebottom and other Dwarves who were open about being female "all because of them, flaunting themselves! Why can they do it?....I can't!"

The king had his guards take her away, and she later gave the names of her co-conspirators in AM to Littlebottom.

*I.e. the original, real and true Scone.