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The Deftmenes, despite their small stature, are one of the more powerful tribes in the Carpet, mostly because of their warlike nature. They are so warlike because their city (Jeopard) is built on a piece of grit that is easily defensible against even a determined army of the Dumii. However, after being occupied by the Moules it is brought down by Fray.

They are also one of the few tribes to farm and have an almost fanatical loyalty to their king Brocando. The also refused to be counted and are not part of the Dumii Empire.

They are called a tribe like every other group of people in the Carpet, but, given their social organisation, a better word would probably be city state.

Named Deftmenes

  • Brocando - Current King
  • Antiroc - Younger brother of the King
  • Broc - several Broc's Helped build the city of Jeopard
  • Strephon - 7 year old Deftmenes boy
  • Parleon - Noble