The Dictionary of Eye-Watering Words

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A lexicon which was a gift to Supreme Grand Masters such as Lupine Wonse, who used it extensively when creating an ancient heritage for the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night.

The ancient oath - where "ancient" is in the relative sense of "predating the establishment of the Order by up to a week or so" - runs, in part, And it be well for a knowlessman that he should not be here, for he would be taken from this place and his gaskin slit, his moules shown to the four winds, his welchet torn asunder with many hooks and his figgin placed upon a spike....

Decoded, this terrifying oath is perhaps not quite so foreboding, unless of course the words have hidden euphemistic meanings. According to the Dictionary:-

  • Gaskin - "A shy, grey-brown bird of the coot family";
  • Figgin - "A small short-crust pastry containing raisins";
  • Welchet - "A type of waistcoat worn by certain clock-makers";
  • Moules - "A game of skill and dexterity, involving tortoises".

Anyone seeking a copy of this dictionary for research purposes should enquire at the Library of Unseen University, where they're bound to have a copy.