Elenor of Tsort

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Elenor of Tsort
Name Elenor of Tsort
Race Human
Physical appearance She had a squint. Originally beautiful, grew plump and faded with age.
Residence Apparently born in Elharib
Children Seven, of indeterminable parentage
Marital Status Married
Books Eric
Cameos Pyramids

Elenor of Tsort (or was it of Crinix? or of Elharib?) was the cause of the Tsortean Wars. She was kidnapped by (or from) the Ephebians, and, more specifically, by King Mausoleum. The reason for the uncertainty is that the tale has been told so often the details have been lost in the ever-popular mists of time; the explanation by Copolymer in Pyramids doesn't help very much either. Or she could just have been a very popular girl.

Although she was undoubtedly beautiful to start with, by the time the war was concluded she was plump, good-looking in a slightly faded way, with a black dress, a squint, and the beginnings of a moustache. It seemed she grew quite fond of her captors (whoever they were) and had had seven children with them, and so enjoyed life much better there then she did back home. But it's the principle of the thing, after all.

Her rescue (?) was aided by Lavaeolus, Rincewind, Eric and the Luggage, thanks to a disturbance with some demons. The final battle involved some Tsortean Horses, and a Tsortean hero whose heels where his only vulnerability.


An extremely clear-cut reference to Helen of Sparta (not Helen of Troy), who was stolen from King Menelaus of Sparta by Paris, which caused the Trojan Wars, in which a Trojan Horse was used, and there was a Trojan hero whose heels were his only vulnerability.