Elsewhere Alley

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In the city block roughly delineated by Attic Bee Street, Goose Gate and Quirm Street, there is a network of four roughly intersecting alleyways. Confusingly, each is called Elsewhere Alley. A fifth Elsewhere Alley connects Quirm Street with Wixon's Alley. As this is on the edge of the Shades, the purpose might be to confuse the Watch...


A detail map of part of the City (that covered by the Glorious Peoples' Republic of Treacle Mine Road) is given as the frontispiece to Night Watch. As it was possible this might carry more detailed information as to street names, locations, etc, than that given in The Streets of Ankh-Morpork, the two were compared for information.

The map in Night Watch certainly carries a wealth of information. The future site of the Lady Sybil Free Hospital on the corner of Attic Bee Street and Goosegate is an alley or two away from the charitable hospital run by the Spiteful Sisterhood of Seven-Handed Sek. We know hospitals tend to cluster together, overlap into each other and end up sharing staff and premises, even management.

A hospital drama on American TV was called "St Elsewhere". Does this illuminate the Ankh-Morpork name a little more? We are not explicitly told the Lady Sybil was built on top of the Elsewheres, (although this is one of two possible locations) but it's fun to speculate...

Dagon Street (home of Mr Hong's ill-fated takeaway fried fish business) is clearly illustrated. Quite a few tertiary roads and small alleys are clearly named, and at least thirty locations from Night Watch are clearly flagged.

And finally, a hitherto unnamed street running off Kicklebury Street almost to Goose Gate has been discreetly named Stephen Briggs Street...