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A Witch charged with the care of one person rather than a village or community. The person is typically a Princess, wrongfully disinherited by a wicked uncle, stepmother, or magician. A godmother will have a deep understanding of human nature, making the good ones very kind, and the wicked ones very powerful.

A fairy godmother uses a wand for magic much as a wizard would use his staff, the wand being like a Blackberry to the staff's 3GHz laptop. The politics and magical powers in fairy-godmothering are central to the novel Witches Abroad.

However, it is not as though fairy godmothers are nice. Take Lilith Weatherwax, for example. She put a whole kingdom under magical siege, even imprisoning the daughter of former Baron until she kisses a frog that will turn into a prince. Fortunately, she is beaten by the Witches of Lancre.

It is unwise, even with sound legal representation, to sue one's fairy godmother for unsatisfactory wishes. It is a good way to get trapped in a mirror while your lawyer croaks helplessly in objection.

Known Fairy-Godmothers


Fairy godmothers only appear in the fairy tales of Madame d'Auloy and Charles Perrault (not Grimm's tales).

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