Ella Saturday

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Name Ella Saturday
Race Human
Age young
Occupation Scullery maid, then Queen of Genua
Physical appearance attractive, black skin
Residence Genua
Parents Baron Saturday, Erzulie Gogol
Marital Status S
Books Witches Abroad

Ella Saturday, aka "Emberella" and known as "Embers", daughter of Erzulie Gogol and Baron Saturday (though she doesn't know this), is a twisted parody of Cinderella (cf. Cinders/Embers echo) appearing in Witches Abroad. As the descendent of two characters based on Haitian mythology, Ella represents one of the several prominent humans of color in the Discworld series.

Upon meeting Ella, Magrat Garlick observes that Ella is one of the most attractive young people that she has ever seen. Ella lives in an old, rundown mansion and is closely watched by two "sisters," actually snakes given human form by Lily Weatherwax. Unlike Cinderella, Embers/Ella is extremely practical and straightforward, much more so than her "Fairy Godmother" Magrat. She strongly resists an arranged marriage to the prince of Genua who is really an ambitious frog in human shape. She is saved from this fate, and ends up ruling Genua (deposing Lily Weatherwax) with the assistance of three witches (Magrat Garlick, Esme Weatherwax, and Gytha Ogg).