Flaming Kookaburra, The

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The Flaming Kookaburra on Green Dragon Road (*B6) just off The Soake is a triple-purpose building. It is first and foremost a pub serving the expatriot Fourecksian community in Ankh-Morpork. It is also a cultural centre, offering an opportunity to experience the very finest that Fourecks has to offer by way of art, music and entertainment. The traditional sport of Dwarf-throwing is said to happen here, despite the protests of Ms Estressa Partleigh and the Campaign for Equal Heights. The reason why Ankh-Morpork law and custom cannot be enforced here is the third use of the building. The Flaming Kookaburra is also the Embassy, Legation and High Commission of Fourecks. In accordance with accepted diplomatic custom, the moment you step through the door into the bar, you are on Fourecksian soil where Fourecksian law prevails. Presumably, Fourecksian licencing law and alcohol taxation applies here too, which must defray the running expenses of the Embassy (offices and Ambassador are found upstairs, unless the Ambassador is doing a hand's turn behind the bar pulling pints.) The six o'clock swill extends till past midnight.