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Professor of Necromancy
Name Professor Flead
Race Human
Age dead for 300 years
Occupation Old School Necromancer
Physical appearance generic wizard ghost
Residence Pink PussyCat Club, Ankh-Morpork
Death from old age
Marital Status
Books Making Money

Professor Flead is a necromancer, from the time when a necromancer could blast people with Black Fire to get them to move. Although he has been dead for nearly 300 years at the time of Making Money, you can't take the romance out of the necromancer. He is extremely excitable at the sight of young ladies, hemlines having risen since his death. His flirtation with Adora Belle Dearheart is quite distressing to Moist von Lipwig, her boyfriend - so much so that he finds a convenient way to install Professor Flead in a location Adora Belle will never discover.

He is an expert on the language of the empire of Um, which perished sixty thousand years ago.

At the conclusion of Making Money, he is (per his request, and the manipulations of Moist) insorcised into (that is, made to haunt) the Pink PussyCat Club. He currently haunts seat seven (front row, centre). This has served only to benefit the club, as all rabble-rousers, bad tippers and general good-for-nothings promptly find themselves thrown out on their backsides even without the intervention of the club bouncer. The management has concluded that the peace and (relative) quiet is worth the loss of a single seat's fee.