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A generic term for any book of magic, or any compendium of spells. This is generally an aspect of Wizard's magic, although the cottage of Magrat Garlick appears to have several grimoires as part of the inventory of contents passed on from one witch to the next - just as Magrat may have inherited them from Goodie Whemper, she has since passed the cottage and its contents on to the current occupant, Agnes Nitt. On becoming Queen of Lancre, Magrat, while diligent about discarding everything of her own (all the supposedly magical knick-knacks that never worked, all the jewellry, even the pointy hat she feels she will have no future need for), she leaves twenty or thirty books behind that she is aware belong to the cottage, and not to her. (Lords and Ladies).

In general, the most potent grimoires on the Disc are inmates of the maximum-security shelves in the Library of Unseen University. Depending on type, they are chained down to their shelves or lecterns inside thickly-walled cells sealed by potent occult spells as well as sturdy locks, kept for safety inside octiron covers, or at the bottom of a vat of ice in the case of grimoires of an...errrm... sexual magic nature.

Grimoires named in the chronicles include: