Guye von Überwald

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Guye von Überwald
Name Guye von Überwald
Race Werewolf
Occupation Leader of the von Überwald clan
Physical appearance
Residence Bonk, Überwald
Children Wolfgang, Angua, Elsa, Andrei
Marital Status Married to Lady Serafine
Books The Fifth Elephant

Guye (AKA Silvertail) is an old, somewhat senile werewolf. He is Angua's father and the ostensible leader of the most powerful werewolf clan in Bonk, Überwald. In him, the human and wolf are so close that he has an attitude closely resembling an old dog and comes off somewhat like an incompetent Count Magpyr: traditional and reassuring in classically monstrous kind of way but (according to Lady Margolotta) lacking the dangerous ambition of his scheming wife or alarmingly vicious son.