Serafine von Überwald

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Serafine von Überwald
Name Serafine von Überwald
Race Werewolf
Occupation Leader of the von Überwald clan
Physical appearance
Residence Bonk, Überwald
Children Wolfgang, Angua, Elsa, Andrei
Marital Status Married to Baron Guye.
Books The Fifth Elephant

Sergeant Delphine (Angua) von Überwald's bitch of a mother - quite literally. A werewolf of the old school, Serafine is married to Baron Guye and the mother of Angua and Wolfgang.

Serafine went to school with Lady Sybil Ramkin, and receives a Hogswatch card from her each year, to which she never replies. She displays a great deal of contempt for Sybil, and Vimes especially, though not in their presence. Generally speaking, she defers to her son in most matters, though she does attempt, half-heartedly, to civilize both Guye and Wolfgang, at least on the issue of clothing and basic table manners.

She was deeply involved in the plot to steal the Scone of Stone and throw the dwarves into civil war to allow for a werewolf coup. Angua believed that her mother went along with most of it not because she though it would bring her clan more power, but because she was scared of her son Wolfgang but couldn't bring herself to admit it.

Serafine abducted Sybil and withheld the fact that Wolfgang was hunting her husband across the snowy mountain of Uberwald. While it is not known what actions the dwarves took against her, this certainly got her struck off Sybil's hogswatch card list and blackballed from the Ladies Who Organise

Having married Guye, her family motto is Homo Homini Lupus - Every Man is a Wolf to Other Men. On Roundworld, this was popular Roman proverb, originally written by Plautus (died 184 B. C.) in his Asinaria.

Interestingly enough, Serafine's werewolf name "Yellowfang" is also the name of a proud warrior animal elsewhere in fantasy fiction and animated cartoons, as is "Silvertail" for Baron Guye... but here the names relate to Warrior Cats.....

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