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The ruler of Zlobenia. A bully, braggart and oaf with big ideas. He is the nephew of Grand Duchess Annagovia and firmly believes, on her presumed death, that this gives him the right to succeed her as ruler of Borogravia.

He uses the alias Captain Hortentz when leading his personal guard, the First Heavy Drogoons.

His own capacity to generate heirs, however, was at the very least dented by Polly Perks' right knee. Her walloping him with a barman's friend was a mere courtesy detail.


King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden is popularly believed to have gone incognito in his own army as "Captain Gars", the name being an acronym of "Gustaphus Adolphus Rex Sueciae" (Gustaf Adolf, King of Sweden). It is possible that "Captain Hortenz" is a similar acronym: the "H" standing for "Heinrich", the "Z" for "Zlovenia" and the remaining letters for unknown middle names.