Hrolf Thighbiter

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Constable Thighbiter is a dwarf member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. He appears in Feet of Clay, and is present in The Bucket in Gleam Street when three unlicensed thieves burst into what has become the cities unofficial fifth watch house. Thighbiter is unconcerned when they threated the barman, Mr Cheese. "plenty of other bars, boyo", and the barman equally calmly reminded him that he still has AM$2.30 outstanding on his tab. The situation with the thieves is resolved when they take a female member of the watch hostage, and are lucky to escape with only superficial wounds.

His accent reveals that Thighbiter is from the dwarf clans in Llamedos, where words such as 'boyo' and 'lookyou' are common. He later asked Cheery Littlebottom out on a date, and Cheery was almost certain that Hrolf was male.