Jiglad Wert

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A powerful wizard during the events of The Light Fantastic and leader of the Brotherhood of the Hoodwink. He had in the past taught aspiring student wizards, including Trymon and Rincewind, proclaiming Rincewind's magical ability to be somewhere less than zero.

As head one of the eight orders, Wert held a seat on the University Council. He disagreed with Trymon's plan to employ a hero to locate Rincewind, as wizards and heroes have seldom got on (a lot of comments are made about each other’s dress sense, heroes' inability to read without moving lips, wizards' being 'scared' of women - usually leading to a fight).

Wert was forced to agree to the plan however, as Trymon pointed out that magic had proved ineffective and that some force was concealing Rincewind from them.

At the summit of the Tower of Art Wert perished when Trymon was taken over by the magic he had unleashed in reading the Octavo. Trymon’s first act was to turn the leading wizards to stone and proclaim himself supreme head of the orders. While Rincewind was able to stop and defeat Trymon, nothing could be done for the petrified wizards, especially Wert, whose statue had been dropped by the workmen. Although according to Rincewind, the gardener could make a nice rockery out of it.