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Name Modo
Race Dwarf
Occupation Gardener and odd job Dwarf
Physical appearance
Residence Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork
Relatives Glod Glodsson (cousin)
Marital Status
Books Sourcery, Reaper Man, Hogfather

The Gardener and odd job dwarf of Unseen University. Nothing pleases him more in life than good compost and high-quality roses. Previously the gardener at the Patrician's Palace, he enjoys his job at the UU much more, feeling that he sees much more life in his current job. Modo considers the running of the University a co-operation between him and the wizards; while they keep horrors from the Dungeon Dimensions off the lawn, he makes sure they have a reason to. There are few people in the world who are as happy and care-free as Modo. Although the furrow and divots left by a gargoyle running across the lawn have been known to cause him a little angst.

His compost heaps are legendary. He doesn't need to resort to collecting dung from the College of Heralds' collection of somewhat elderly and arthritic legendary beasts, and it's perhaps a good idea that he doesn't, as the University's compost is perfectly capable of developing a mind of its own, as well as growing prize-winning flora. Witness events in Reaper Man where there's an awful lot of excessive life-energy swilling around, and the Faculty are briefly troubled by acid-exuding ambulatory compost, until Mustrum Ridcully sacrifices a bottle of Wow-Wow Sauce in hand-grenade fashion, necessitating a major clean-up of the Great Hall afterwards.