Kingdom of Howondaland

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The Kingdom of Howondaland is the largest and most cohesive native state on the continent of Howondaland. It is ruled by King Samuel the fourth and its principal city and major port is Zambingo. The Compleat Discworld Atlas notes that the King owns all the tobacco plantations in the name of the state, and the principal export of the country is tobacco, cigars and snuff.

A detail given in the text is that this trade generates considerable wealth for the inhabitants and that this persists even after Goblin labour was "phased out". This indicates, quite strongly, that this was the location of Gravid Rust's slave plantations and that these were established with the knowledge and connivance of King Samuel IV. This country is therefore a major location for the book Snuff.

The Elephant Road began here for M'Bu. The inexplicable mass migration of elephants left many traces and given the amnesia that set in after the close of events of Moving Pictures, still bewilders and perplexes zoologists and historians.