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According to Lieutenant Blouse in Monstrous Regiment, a King Samuel rules over the Kingdom of Howondaland. He is distinguished by his personal bodyguard, composed of very tall women of about seven feet in height. It is not clear if Blouse was referring to a current or past monarch or indeed which Howondlandian tribe or state Samuel rules over. But there is an example in canon of a woman with Howondalandian roots who would have the qualifications to be a Guard Amazon - Precious Jolson.

He is further identified in The Compleat Discworld Atlas as King Samuel IV, and his capital city is at Zambingo.


The kings of Dahomey in West Africa were noted for their Amazon bodyguard of very tall women. George McDonald Fraser describes them in one of the Flashman books, where our hero is a reluctant merchant in the slave trade. For years, Dahomey's principal export was other black people, harvested by trade or war further inland, and the country was a thriving centre of human traffic..