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Neighbours The Rim
Geographical Features Small Island nation, overhanging the edge of the Disc. Has mountains and the Hakrull River
Population over ten thousand
Capital Krull
Type of government Magical rule. Ruled by an Arch-Astronomer during The Colour of Magic
Notable Citizens Guest Master Garhartra, Goldeneyes Silverhand Dactylos, Marchesa
Imports Salvage
Exports Shipwreck survivors
National Anthem
Books The Colour of Magic, Mort, The Last Hero, The Compleat Discworld Atlas

Krull is a large mountainous and wooded island at the Rim of the Disc and also the name of its capital. It has a mountain slightly overhanging the Edge of the Disc. Due to this geographical advantage, many Krullians are astrozoologists, scientists who observe Great A'Tuin the world turtle and the four giant elephants. Krull is ruled by the Arch-Astronomer, has its own magical university and doesn't interact much with the other countries. The official language of Krull is the Krullian, although many of them seem to be able to talk with foreigners such as Rincewind or Twoflower

Once, the people of Krull lowered a vessel on a rope over the Edge to observe Great A'Tuin, confirming the theory of its existence. Later, the archmage of Krull ordered Goldeneyes Silverhands Dactylos to construct a vessel, The Potent Voyager, that was launched rather than attached by a rope. This vessel got misappropriated by Rincewind and Twoflower, (see The Colour of Magic) and no further advancement on astrozoology has been reported; but then, few people in other countries are interested in astrozoology in as much detail as the Krullians study it, so maybe there have been advances, they are just not reported on the main continents.

Krull constructed the Circumfence, a sturdy wood-stakes-and-ropes barrier running almost a third of the way around the Edge of the Disc. By means of this they have managed to maintain their national wealth. Hapless ships and vessels continuously get washed toward the Edge, and by means of the Circumfence, Krullians are able to salvage many useful things; for example, many houses are constructed from parts of ships. In the old days, people who ran into the Circumfence would get captured by the Krullian navies and serve as slaves or even honoured guests, at least for a few blissful carefree days... (see The Colour of Magic). Nowadays, Krullians rescue these people and charge them heavy salvage rates, a much more peaceful but just as profitable use of the barrier (see The Last Hero).

The Compleat Discworld Atlas notes that the nation has opened up and liberalised since the old days. The University here is small but competent, has a thriving school of magic unaffiliated in any way to Unseen University, and its best-known and best-funded department is the School of Astrozoology.


Is there a link here to the big fantasy film of 1983, Krull, which while it received, at best, a lukewarm reception, featured an incompetent and cowardly wizard called Ergo the Magnificent? (Played by the much under-rated British character actor and comedian David Battley, who is, alas, no longer with us).

Interestingly enough, Krull and The Colour of Magic were both released in the same year - 1983. One of those strange co-incidences?