Letitia Keepsake

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The New Baroness
Name Letitia Keepsake
Race Human
Age nearly 16
Occupation aristocrat (and Witch)
Physical appearance blonde, blue-eyed, slender, very pretty in a pale way
Residence Baron's castle, The Chalk
Parents Duke & Duchess of Keepsake
Marital Status m. (Roland)
Books I Shall Wear Midnight
The Shepherd's Crown

Letitia, Baroness of The Chalk (née Keepsake) is the daughter and only child of the late Duke and dowager Duchess of Keepsake (a duchy located Hubwards within the Octarine Grass Country/The Shires area, neighbouring The Chalk), and a most unlikely Witch. True, Magrat Garlick was, at least, young-ish and blonde-ish and no black and midnight hag, but she didn't resemble the storybook princess either. Letitia does, to the extent that Perspicacia Tick might not have suspected her had they met, and Tiffany is amazed when the fact is thrust upon her. Born and raised in a stone manor house, however, it is not-so-surprising that Lady Letitia had the knack for witchcraft.

As the much-sheltered daughter of a Duke, she has had no training or even exposure to real witchcraft; what she thinks it involves is largely Boffo, which is very useful resource to real Witches, but they can't get to believing it themselves. (Then comes cackling and then it's all over.) She does have the natural talent and magical magnetism to (inadvertently) create a dangerous hex that serves to attract the attention of the more dangerous Cunning Man.

Letitia is described as resembling a fresh watercolor: pretty, pale, washed-out and damp. When she is overcome by emotion (frequently), the dampness may approach a flood of tears and mucus so it's probably well that her witchcraft is likely to remain a hobby. It will be useful as a grounding influence on Baron Roland, in the manner of Queen Magrat and Verence of Lancre.

In The Shepherd's Crown, she's described as taking to going around the tenants houses, talking to the people (the witches 'rounds'), and then later helps against the Elves invasion.