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The father of Mort and grandfather of Susan Sto Helit. Lezek is a wine distiller for the grape version of Reannual plant. He lives and works in the Sheepsridge region of Octarine Grass Country.

Lezek appeared in only Mort. But Susan remembers, as an aside in Soul Music when she is comparing the qualities of her two grandfathers, that after expressing heartfelt doubts as to whether his son could make anything of himself, Grandfather Lezek was somewhat consternated when the Duke Of Sto Helit turned up to visit, together with a Duchess, and a serious-looking child who turned out to be his grand-daughter.

it is recorded that when he saw how far his gangling and made-entirely-out-of-knees son had got in the world, he had the good grace to at least look embarrassed....