Linnet Dock

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Linnet Dock is an anchorage on the Ankh side of the river. it is connected to Nonesuch Street by Myrtle Street(*D6) and Here-Hang-Hope(*D7). It breaks the line of river walks at Amper Sands(*D6), obliging the walker to take the long way round via Myrtle Street, Linnet Wharf or Noontender Way (both *D6 crossing into *D7), then via an un-named street to Long Lick, Dog-Watch Davets and Ankh Wharf (all *D7) to resume the riverside stroll at Ankh Bridge/Mollymog Street. Robes Pier and Linnet Landing which delineate the larger anchorage appear to be working dock landings, with all that implies. Third of Forth and Hangman's Quay are smaller docks to the Rimwards of Linnet Dock. Unless stated, all these features are to be found in map reference *D7.