Riverside Walks

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The riverside walks are the (presumably) pedestrian-only streets on the Isle of Gods and principally to the Hubwards of the Isle, running immediately adjacent to the River Ankh. It can be seen by the prudent that these are not necessarily a venue for a pleasant or romantic promenade, the River being what it is, especially in high summer.

These riverside walks are not named on The Streets of Ankh-Morpork and are left blank. Some are named in the larger-scale map appearing on the endpapers of The Discworld Companion and all are named on the revised city map accompanying The Compleat Ankh-Morpork.

Progressing widdershins from the Brass Bridge, these are:

The intrepid walker, preferably one lacking a sense of smell or who has been nasally stunned, may therefore walk all the way around the Isle, taking in the sights and sounds, but for preference not the smell.

Walks exist on the Ankh side of the river too.

There is a hiatus on the Ankh side between the riverside section of Hen & Chickens Field and the clear continuation of the walk, Hubwards at Marsh Bank. it is not clear if public access is permissible at the Care Farm* (D3) and Paragore Ward* (D2). The walk appears to resume after Paragore.

Facing the Isle on the Morpork side, we have

Hubwards of the Isle and Unseen University, we have

It is unclear if the University permits unrestricted public access through those areas of the campus which directly back onto the river. Therefore to proceed from the Willows to resume a riverside walk at Coots Bank might require a substantial detour.

  • Fetter Lane, Rime Street, Phedre Road and Pleaders' Row also back onto the river and would technically count as riverside walks: although viewed in context, they would also be streets proper, in that they also allow vehicular traffic and are not pedestrians-only.

Rimwards of the Isle of Gods, the riverside is almost exclusively occupied by docks, harbourfronts and other features, such as the Fronts of Unseen University, which presumably offer limited or no public access. It should be noted that, especially on the Morpork bank, that there are occasional points on the riverbank where there is no walk: some premises back directly onto the river, most notoriously the Mended Drum, whose back door allows a handy means of ejecting barred or undesirable customers or inconvenient corpses (after first searching their pockets, of course.) From a close study of the new city map, there is a suggestion that the Drum may possess its own landing stage and jetty - possibly now disused, although the Cable Street Particulars may have noted its convenience for informal import-export of the sort of goods that necessarily travel discreetly by night.

Other premises backing directly onto the River, thus necessitating the walker to detour, also appear to have similar sorts of private jetties and landing stages.