Mollymog Street

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Mollymog Street crosses Ankh from the Ankh Bridge to The Soake; after it passes the Gibbet it forms the tip of Hide Park. The College of Heralds and its interesting menagerie were based there until the fire.

On November 1st this street hosts The Mollymog Candle and Tallow Fair.


Molly Mog, the Rose of Wokingham, was a seventeenth century barmaid in Berkshire whose beauty inspired a ballad written by poet Alexander Pope There is also a Molly Moggs pub in Soho, London, which is highly rated, and which is named after the eponymous barmaid in Pope's ballad.

A Mollymawk is a bird, whose name dates to the late seventeenth century and comes from the Dutch mallemok, which means mal – foolish and mok – gull. This seems a less likely source, but The Author may have been struck by the similarity.