Mad Hamish

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Mad Hamish is the oldest member of the Silver Horde at 105. He lives in a wheelchair with terrifying spikes and has a horned helm. He is usually draped under layers of fur blankets, but underneath all the fur he has swords and other favorite weapons for the barbarian heroes. Favorite phrase: "Whut? Whut?" He is very deaf. He also tends to talk in a sort of old dialect. He is also known to have once been married to Pamdar the Witch Queen (who now runs Pam's Pantry).

Hamish has, apparently, been where the sun don't shine (no, even though he was married to a witch, not the funnily named place in Lancre). During his life, he took part in many battles, usually on the side of "being paid money to fight". He once ate legs during a siege. Despite the fact that he lives in a wheelchair and spends most of his time napping, Hamish has threatened to "knock any man doon as tells me a'm dead!" and seems quite capable of carrying out the threat. Waking him up from one of his naps makes him grouchy, and is therefore to be avoided.

Went with Cohen and the others to Dunmanifestin, home of the Gods to return fire to them in the shape of a bloody big bomb. Presumed dead when they created a sizable crater following a glory-charge to right their misdeeds. Although, seeing as they hijacked some horses off a bunch of Valkyries and escaped into the air, are they alive, dead or in-between? No-one knows, but Mad Hamish still swears he'll kill anyone as tells him he's dead. While the Uncertainty Principle forbids any definitive statement as to whether or not the Silver Horde are now collectively deceased, observant readers of The Last Hero will note that Hamish, at this point, not only gets out of his wheelchair unaided, he is suddenly capable of mounting and riding a horse, leaving the wreck of the chair behind for Evil Lord Harry and the minstrel to find, as a thing no longer required. As certain conventions must be followed re: wheeled carriages at times of death and destruction, a single wheel is still forlornly spinning on its axle...

Hamish appears in Interesting Times and The Last Hero.