Maligree's Wonderful Garden

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The last resort of all Sourcerers.

Devised by the sourcerer Maligree to be a quiet place where he could go for a smoke and a think, it takes the form of a beautiful Eden with faraway distantly-glimpsed purple mountains.

The spell is performed in the book Sourcery, where it is used in a Wizard's duel by Coin and Skarmer Billias, and later on by Coin as he enters his private world.

By the time of Sourcery, the potency of the spell has diminished to the point where even the best wizard can only call up a Garden two feet wide. Coin the sourcerer restores the power of the spell, briefly taking up to eight hundred Wizards inside the Garden as a demonstration of his powers. He wistfully says he would like to go there again some day, and his wish is granted right at the very end, after Death has finally claimed the malevolent soul of Ipslore the Red, the true evil genius behind all the recent havoc.

It is said that all sourcerers who know the secret will go into the Garden in the end, and never come out again. Whether this is due to the realisation that the Disc cannot cope with them, to the fact that the Wonderful Garden is better than life, or to absent-mindedness is gracefully left to the reader's own reading...