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The prized ship used by Captain Jenkins to convey dubious cargoes around the Circle Sea region. It appears in the computer game Discworld Noir as a key location, and once in the canon when seized by Samuel Vimes and forced to take the Watch to Klatch in Jingo. After being captained by Vimes, the ship was in dire need of an extensive refit. Inspector Lewton described it as a pig-boat.

Other crew members include the First Mate, Scoplett, who suffers from a socially embarrassing disease contracted during a run ashore in Ephebe. There was also the late Harry, who had this small misfortune with a cutlass between his teeth...


One of the ships in Columbus' fleet that re-discovered North America in 1492 was called the Pinta. An advertising slogan in Britain (by the Milk Marketing Board) was Drinka Pinta Milka Day.