Miskin Koble

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During the events of Sourcery, Miskin Koble had a stall near the gates of Unseen University selling jellied starfish and clams. A huge bearded man, he was said to be able to open oysters with one hand. Years of pulling limpets off rocks and wrestling the giant cockles in Ankh Bay had given him the kind of physical development normally associated with tectonic plates. He didn't so much stand up as unfold.

He got into an argument with one of the newly-empowered Wizards about the destruction of his stall following the emergence of all the Orders of Wizardry on the heels of Coin. Just as he was about to hit the wizard, said wizard raised an eyebrow and yellow fire sprang up around the shellfish salesman, there was a noise like tearing silk, and Koble had vanished. All that was left was his boots, standing forlornly on the cobbles with little wisps of smoke coming out of them.