Mona Ogg

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The Mona Ogg (Translation: Madam Ogg) is a painting by Leonard of Quirm which looks a lot like Roundworld's Mona Lisa. It is featured on the cover of The Art of Discworld, the very book which revealed that Leonard had dated Nanny Ogg when they were both young: the Mona Ogg is her. In Men at Arms, it is said of the Mona Ogg that "The teeth followed you around the room. Amazing. In fact some people said they followed them out of the room and all the way down the street."

As well as his present-day version of the portrait (the Mona Ogg II, with Greebo included) Nanny Ogg was also the subject of several sketches, including one strikingly similar to Holman Hunt's The Hireling Shepherd, and a risqué number that looks to have been created on an unsinkable ship.