Ned Coates

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Ned Coates
Name Ned Coates
Race Human
Occupation Night Watchman
Physical appearance dark-haired, round-faced
Residence Watch barracks in Cheapside
Death killed in the Glorious Revolution
Marital Status
Books Night Watch

Lance-Corporal Ned Coates was a Watchman at Treacle Mine Road during the events leading up to the Glorious Revolution. He was also one of the real revolutionaries, having been involved at least in the Morphic Street Conspiracy.

He had come from Pseudopolis, presumably for the better pay offered watchmen in Ankh-Morpork in those days, and had trained under John Keel, which accounts for the hostility he showed toward Vimes in the timeline in which Keel had been killed and Vimes had to stand in for him - Coates knew him to be an impostor. Disillusioned about Snapcase after being sent, under Carcer, to kill a number of survivors of the Republic in spite of the general amnesty, he seems to have made a kind of peace with Vimes-as-Keel shortly before he died.