Ninereeds (Dragon)

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Name Ninereeds
Race Noble dragon
Physical appearance Golden scales, green eyes, multihued, horned and lithe.
Death Dissapears when Twoflower passes out
Marital Status
Books The Colour of Magic

Ninereeds is a dragon (Draco nobilis) created by Twoflower in a cell in the Wyrmberg. Thanks to the presence of intense raw magic of the Wirmberg, and Twoflower's powerfull imagination, the dragon is created in his cell involuntarily. Ninereeds can communicate with Twoflower through thoughts and obeys his command, as he is the one that summoned him. Twoflower names him Ninereeds in honor to someone back in Bes Pelargic. He helps him escape his cell and rescue Rincewind from his fall in the main cave of the Wyrmberg. As soon as they get out, they pick up Hrun from the top of the inverted mountain and start escaping, chased by Liessa and others, but as the air gets thiner, Twoflower passes out and Ninreeds dissapears. Hrun is picked up by Liessa in mid air, and the other two get transported to a whole other plane. Or Plane.