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The largest town and capital city of Llamedos. Notable address: 12 Dolmen View, which is Evil Lord Harry's home in between Dark Lording gigs. It is also the name of the Welsh valley on Roundworld where Pippin Galadriel Moonchild, aka Pepper, was born. There are only so many jokes in the Multiverse, nobody gets one all to himself.

The city is featured in Raising Steam, where it is learnt that it is a seaport with extensive coal docks. While this fits with a general Swansea/Cardiff/Newport vibe - as well as the former coal mine and port at Point of Ayr, (Mostyn) in Flintshire - the difficulty is that according to the The Discworld Mapp, Llamedos is well inland with no obvious access to the coast, unless Hergen is either moved along a bit, or else is a province of Llamedos.

The Compleat Discworld Atlas resolves this problem. The river Llwk-Yu (see note on spelling) runs through the town and the recently expanded port serves both river barges and shipping to and from the Circle Sea and Sto Plains ports. On the world map, Llamedos is seen to be a long relatively narrow country with a coastal strip, just hubwards of Chimeria, with Hergen to the rimwards-by-turnwise of both. Koom Valley and the beginnings of the settled countries leading down to Quirmand Ankh-Morpork are to the hubwards-by-widdershins.


Welsh names often appear difficult to pronounce to non-Welsh-speakers, as the Welsh alphabet has many more vowels than other languages that use Latin characters. As such, many place names appear incomprehensible to outsiders, and often include a -y- in the middle. One such place is Betws-y-Coed.

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You can see such a thing here [1].