People's Beneficent Republic of Agatea

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People's Beneficent Republic of Agatea
Established ca 1987 UC, at the time of The Last Hero
Neighbours Betrobi Islands, Bhangbhangduc, Dire Peninsula, Nafooi, Slakki
Geographical Features Great Wall, Ting Ling Islands, Mei-Land Peninsula
Population large
Size large (a continent)
Capital Hunghung
Type of government People's Republic headed by Chairman
Notable Citizens Twoflower, Pretty Butterfly
Imports None
Exports Refugees
National Anthem
Books The Compleat Discworld Atlas

The People's Beneficent Republic of Agatea or The Agatean Empire (PBRA) is the current name of the land formerly known as the Agatean Empire. Following the passing into the void of the Last Emperor, the revolutionaries seized control and took over the administration of the country. As the notes in The Compleat Discworld Atlas inform us, they have planned the administration and management of the Five-Year Plan and the Great Leap Forwards in the greatest and most minute detail. Oh dear. The current Chairman, or perhaps just Chair, is named as Madame Butterfly.