Pretty Butterfly

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Pretty Butterfly
Name Pretty Butterfly
Race Human
Occupation Leader of the Red Army and now possible ruler of Agatea
Physical appearance
Residence Agatean Empire
Parents Twoflower
Relatives Lotus Blossom
Marital Status
Books Interesting Times The Compleat Discworld Atlas

One of the joint leaders, along with Two Fire Herb, of the Red Army Revolutionary Group (see Interesting Times) in the Counterweight continent. She is also Twoflower's oldest daughter, although she takes after her mother more than her father. Lotus Blossom is her younger sister. Pretty Butterfly is very intelligent and determined, if a bit naive. It is speculated that she takes after her mother's view of reality more than her father's, since she actually has a view of reality that conforms with it in some ways, such as her suspicion that Rincewind the "Great Wizzard" is not great at all. She seems to wage a constant internal struggle between this realistic cynicism and her revolutionary idealism.

Pretty Butterfly is notable for being perhaps the only person to be able to gain on Rincewind when he is in full flight. She is also very skilled in the art of kicking people and otherwise dealing nonlethal but excessively painful damage. The Compleat Discworld Atlas has the interesting snippet that the Chairman of the Central Committee of the People's Revolution of the People's Beneficent Republic of Agatea, who took over after the last Emperor apparently died without heir, is a Madame Butterfly. It could well be that she is now ruling a country.