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Pigbog (6'3") is first encountered in Good Omens, along with his fellow Hell's Angels Greaser (6'2"), Scuzz (height not given) and Big Ted(height similarly not given), in a dismal branch of the Happy Porker Café, clustered around the Trivial Pursuit machine. they are collectively described as a knot of black-leathered bikers, hard, hairy, filthy and huge. He has the word LOVE tattooed on one set of knuckles and HATE on the other.

Pigbog, the acknowledged leader of the chapter, is surprisingly Bible-literate. This is due to his enforced absence from the social scene following an unspecified incident in Brighton, after which the police were keen to speak to him, which was spent hiding in a hotel room where the only thing to read was this Bible which some bugger called Gideon had left behind him. After they meet the real Hell's Angels, though, Pigbog is left wishing he'd read the Book of Revelations a bit more carefully.

On their ill-fated run south down the M6 as the Four Other Riders of the Apocalypse, Pigbog first manifests as Ansaphones (he hates them), then as Really Cool People (he'd love to push their faces through a barbed-wire fence, very very slowly). It all resolves itself in an unlikely rain of fish....