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A Biker of the Repocalypse in Good Omens. He rides out with Big Ted, Greaser and Pigbog, until terminally stopped by a huge mound of acquatic lifeforms.

Scuzz is the smallest, least and most indecisive of the four bikers and is the one who is usually sent off on errands of the "get the food/drinks in" type by the rest.

His alias in the Great Ride began as Embarrassing Personal Problems. After a little thought, he changed this to No Alcohol Lager, then Things Not Working Properly Even After You've Given them A Really Good Thumping, then he became the dark destroying angel of All Foreigners, Especially the French. By the time the bikers had their terminal encounter with the heap of fish, he was Treading in Dogshit, but briefly woke up while being dragged out by the ambulance crew to yell that he was really called People Covered In Fish.

Scuzz was the only one to survive the ride down the M6. He ended up up to his neck in fish, with what felt like a broken leg.

Again the words of Agnes Nutter were vindicated:-

3017. I see Four Riding, bringing thee ende; and thee Angells of Hell rise with them.