Professor of Recondite Phenomena

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A member of UU staff worthy of relaxing with the top Faculty staff in the Uncommon Room after the tradition of the Hunting of the Megapode near the beginning of the events of Unseen Academicals.

Feels able to "Toy fitfully with a little fruit" after the Megapode Hunt, i.e. ""Fetch the fruit trolley, Downbody, so I can stuff my face with as much sweetness as I fancy in accompaniment to the vastness of the amount of cheese I intend to eat".

"Recondite" meaning "obscure or hidden". Hidden phenomena - e.g. things that might happen but we don't know about them. Sounds a good job to me! Or perhaps it's obscure, or inexplicable phenomena - e.g. things that happen but can't be explained. At UU? He'd never rest! So not such a good job. Given the Wizards' general leaning towards hard work, I'm guessing it's the former.