Races in The Dark Side of the Sun

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52 different sentient species (including earth-humanity) exist in the novel The Dark Side of the Sun.

Chief among them are:

  • Earth-humans - Natives of Old Earth who have settled such diverse worlds as Third Eye and Eggplant.
    • Subraces:
      • Widdershine - 50/50 left-handed, night-black skin, hairless, UV-tolerant eyes, skin-cancer resistant
      • Terra Novae - stocky people with two hearts from a metal rich world
      • Third Eye (Pineals?) - Phobish, a forest world
      • Whole Erse - warriors
      • Eggplant - vegetarian (home planet has aggressive vegetation)
      • Class Five Robots
  • Phnobes - Natives of Phnobis. Three sexes.
  • Creapii - Natives from Creap, first planet of 70 Ophiuchis A. Oldest race (after Jokers). Octopodial. Non-gendered. Extremophiles. Names are chemical and degrees (e.g. CReegE + 698°).
    • Sub-species:
      • Low-degree (silicon-oxygen)
      • Middle-degree (silicon-carbon, 500°C)
      • High-degree (aluminum-silicon polymer)
      • Others (silicon-boron, etc.)
  • Drosks - Natives of Quaducquakucckuaquekekecqac. Cuboid in appearance, like a heavy gravity chimp on steroids, omni-carnivores.
  • Sun-dogs - Natives from Eggplant, since relocated to Band. Space dwellers, lay eggs (in orbit) every ten years.
  • Jokers - Natives of Jokers World. Elder race.

The rest:

  • Spooners - small, icy worlds.
  • Tarquins - protostar dwellers.
  • The Pod - Space roaming hydrogen eaters.
  • Sidewinders
  • The Two Evolutions of Seard
  • The First Sirian Bank - intelligent world, legally Human.
  • Chatogaster - living water