Ransak Boggett

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  • This character is only referenced once, in the film/TV version of The Colour of Magic, and is not to be found in the original book.

During the events of The Light Fantastic Ransak Boggett was the head of the oldest order of wizardry - Mrs Widgery's Lodgers.

He was a wizard of the eighth level and involved in the attempts by the Unseen University to locate and capture Rincewind so that they could obtain the eighth great spell from his mind. Ransak and the other orders failed in this task, as did Archchancellor Trymon's plan to use non-magical methods and pay a hero to track Rincewind. Fearing for the future of the world and with magic failing across the Disc, the order heads agreed with Trymon to read just the seven spells instead.

Trymon proved unable to contain the magic he unleashed and his mind broke allowing his body to be taken under the control of the things from the Dungeon Dimensions. He killed Ransak and the other order heads by turning them all to stone. Rincewind and the Librarian later moved his statue into the University grounds where it can still be seen to this day.