Robert Dearheart

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Robert Dearheart
Name Robert Dearheart
Race Human
Occupation Founder of Grand Trunk
Physical appearance
Children John Dearheart, Adora Belle Dearheart
Marital Status Married
Cameos Going Postal

Robert Dearheart was the founder of the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company, which is prominently featured in the book Going Postal.

One day he, and perhaps a few others, had a brilliant idea on a means by which men could communicate with each other across great distances, and so the clacks was born. However, his skills were in the technical aspects, in the maintenance and development of the clacks, as well as in the training of engineers to operate the towers. The financial aspects were a mystery to him and his companions, which made it easy for Reacher Gilt and his associates to persuade them to take care of them.

For a time, Dearheart was a very wealthy man, until he discovered that he had been double crossed, and found himself completely bankrupt. He lost everything, and he and his family were forced to live with his sister-in-law in the Dolly Sisters district of Ankh-Morpork. After the death of his son John Dearheart, the senior Dearheart descended into lethargy, lamenting the loss of both his son and his company.

After the Grand Trunk had been reclaimed by Moist von Lipwig, he may or may not have regained control of the company, as per Moist's request. Presumably at the very least it is now being run competently. In Raising Steam, the Grand Trunk is run by his daughter, and has become an equal-oppotunities employer.

Dearheart has at least two children, his daughter, Adora Belle, and his late son, John.

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