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A large brewing concern in Bugarup that has suffered from a long period of inexplicable ill-fortune. The heir to the business was Noelene. But his father appeared to think that he was not temperamentally suited to brewing beer for macho Fourecksians. Goodness knows where he got this impression from... Title to the family business therefore passed to his daughter . Neilette.

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We're just a missing consonant away here from root beer, which was devised in Temperance times as a non-alcoholic alternative to the demon drink. While root beer is mainly found in the USA and still available now, Temperance movements in great Britain and Australia also pioneered non-alcoholic alternatives to slake the thirst of the working man without involving the Great Deceiver in any way, shape or form. It is not difficult to come to an understanding of what the Australian, or indeed the Fourecksian, working man might have thought of the "non-alcoholic alternative" to beer. Similes involving the micturations of kangaroos might come to mind, at the very least. The unfortunate name of the beer might be one reason why the company is in the doldrums..

Root Beer is available from the American Shop in the Corn Exchange, Manchester and it doesn't half taste nice. (providing the tastes and comforts of Home to expat Americans in the North of England since 2003, although they're happy to sell the stuff to curious Brits too)