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Name Ruby
Race Troll
Age Nearly 140
Occupation Singer
Physical appearance Rocklike.
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status Married to Detritus
Books Moving Pictures
Cameos Mentioned in Men at Arms, Thud!

Ruby is a female troll who, at first appearance in Moving Pictures, worked as a singer in a cantina. She later fell in love with Detritus, and as a courtship ritual she smashed a rock on his head knocking him unconscious. Later they married but the union has been regretfully childless. Ruby also reputably has a punch that even Detritus himself fears.

It is thought that after the events chronicled in Thud!, Ruby and Detritus have compensated for the lack of pebbles in their life (Chips off the old block?) by adopting Brick, an adolescent male troll with no known parents, who has so far led a troubled life which has aroused Detritus' paternal instinct (expressed in the form of loving punches and caring sound clips to the ear).

She is 140 year-old troll, weighs 1000-odd lb and is shaped like a small hillock or the kind of statue of a fertility goddess that a caveman might have envisaged. Paul Kidby's rendition of her is amazing.