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Schleppel is a bogeyman who comes out during the events of Reaper Man. At first he is shy and diffident (wouldn't you be?) even though he is huge and hairy with hands like shovels - he even needs to hide behind a door or under a chair. When he follows Windle Poons after the two have met at Reg Shoe's Fresh Start Club he carries a door with him so that he's always behind it. This is more than disconcerting to some, but when he at last reveals himself to help defeat the shop (if that makes no sense, go read the book) the other Fresh Starters and the Faculty of Unseen University are even more aghast. Windle's newly-sharp mind comes up with the solution of putting him in Unseen University's cellars, where there are huge rats, escaped demons, unexploded spells and all manner of phenomena. Schleppel accepts, and his whoops of delight echo through Unseen University at the end of the book. With no information to the contrary, it is a fair assumption to accept that he is there still. In both Hogfather and Feet of Clay, he has a brief cameo at Biers.