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Shankydoodle is a town in The Shires approximately halfway between Quirm and Ankh-Morpork. it boasts a major racecourse of which catchy and rather dandy songs have been sung; it has a station on the Fierté de Quirm Line, and is served by the Quirm Flyer express and local stopping services. Apparently the dedicated race-day train is a very jolly thing to take a ride on.


To several Roundworld songs. Not only the one that should not be sung in bars in Georgia that fly the Confederate flag (this is a "lawn-ornament" to Dwarfs thing), but think of "The Galway Races" as performed by the Pogues. (Celebrating people from all parts of Ireland, even from the contentious bit in the top right-hand-corner, travelling in by train to Galway for the racing).