Short Story:Turntables of the Night

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Cover by Josh Kirby

Two men decide to start a disco business: John supplies the van and does all the electronics, and Wayne other supplies all the records. And the record guy is really into his stuff. Like really into it. If you know the record, he'll have it. If you don't, that doesn't matter. He'll have it anyway. He knows everything about them all, every single one of them, even the name of the lady who cleaned out the studio afterwards. Everything seems to go pretty well. Until one day, when they organise a Halloween Disco. Everything goes well at first, everyone dancing around in stupid masks and costumes, until a man in a black rhinestone suit, platform shoes and a skeleton mask arrives. Turns out, he's a collector too. Got them all. Every single one...

First published in the anthology Hidden Turnings in 1989, this was republished in A Blink of the Screen.