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Cover to the DVD
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IMDB 0105646
First Broadcast 1992
Broadcast Channel ITV
Director(s) Chris Taylor, Jackie Cockle and Francis Vose
Producer(s) Jackie Cockle, Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
Writer(s) Brian Trueman
Starring Joe McGann, Edward Kelsey, Debra Gillett, Rosalie Williams
Duration 132 minutes
Episodes 13
Series Bromeliad
Annotations Annotations for TV and Film:Truckers
Preceded by '
Followed by Johnny and the Dead
All data relates to the UK home release.

Terry Pratchett's Truckers is a stop-motion animated TV series Produced by Cosgrove Hall in 1992.


The plot closely follows Truckers, the first book in the Bromeliad series.

Masklin leads a small tribe of tiny nomes, who live a precarious existence on the fringes of the human world. Sick of being eaten by foxes, he leads them to stow away on a lorry and find safety in the Store, where they discover they are not the only nomes. The Store's nomes worship the Store's creator, Arnold Bros (est. 1905), and have lived in the Store for so long they don't believe the Outside world exists, making the tribe's life there difficult. An ancient artefact carried by Masklin, "the Thing", reawakens thanks to the electricity in the Store, and reveals it is a computer from their starship: the nomes are originally from another world, stranded here thousands of years ago. The Thing also intercepts human communications, and discovers that the Store will soon be demolished. Masklin must convince the Store nomes of the danger, and then of his plan to survive the coming apocalypse: to steal one of the Store's lorries and escape to the Outside.


The series originally consisted of thirteen ten-minute episodes, broadcast weekly on ITV between 10 January and 4 April 1992. The series was also broadcast on the ABC in Australia.

Home video releases presented the story edited together into a single feature-length version, running around 110 minutes.



The TV series was also adapted into a hardback book by Ladybird Press and a paperback book by Corgi the same year as its release which were both illustrated with pictures from the series.

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