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If this appropriate to mention without a source to back it up? I've removed it from the main article until we have consenous.

The city's name is possibly based on the town of Fucking, Austria.
There's a small town in Poland called Bak, which (due to a diacritic I can't type on this keyboard) is indeed pronounced "bonk". This said I'd tend to agree with Sanity below, that it's just riffing on the general idea that a place name might have unfortunate connotations in other languages rather than a direct reference to any one Roundworld place.

Fhh98 03:15, 7 November 2006 (CET)

I think there is no single town name it comes from. Hilarious names for towns are abundant. It's a kind of general parody. (compare with the town Bad Ass) --Sanity 13:24, 7 November 2006 (CET)

I think there are definitive hints that point towards Bonk being the discworld equivalent to Vienna. An Überwaldean(so presumably german speaking) Town on a river, a trade post. But I think the most obvious reference is the Bonk School, which is an obvious and established reference to the Viennese School(aka Vienna Circle, "the mucky ones"). Robyn 18:50, 1 May 2015