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Corgi paperback edition, p 21:- In fact it did end there... Corporal Carrot became Sergeant Carrot and in the fullness of time, died in an unlikely accident involving an anteater"

Corgi paperback edition, page 105: Bundo emerged...and didn't stop running.... he became a seaman and died three years later, when an armadillo fell on his head in a far-off country....

OK, so Sergeant Carrot dies age seventy in Watch uniform and Bundo Prung dies as a sailor. But is this evidence of a fate that had to happen to somebody, somewhere? Perhaps this was facilitated by the History Monks, to tie up a loose thread, and ensure somebody in Ankh-Morpork, (at the time Edward d'Eath chose a different future from several possible courses of action), did in fact die from falling formophagic animal?

It would appear that somebody had to die in a freak accident involving an anteater of some description. The method of encountering Death was immutable, but the person, the time and the place involved were all open for negotiation.

Narrative Causality again?

The higher-order decision as to which of Bundo and Carrot to slay via formiphagic mammal - and when and where - is made by unseen hands in Men at Arms.